The Website Year

The website year is a constant round of updating. While it is possible to treat each of the update events as a separate project, it is often easier to treat the website year as a single ongoing project.


The timeline given below is an example of a website year, and the website year for a particular Academy will differ from this. The timeline does, however, illustrate the kinds of tasks that will need to be scheduled.


The timeline assumes that the website customers are parents and members of the public. If the website is also used as the virtual learning environment, or the staff online notice board, or the parents’ gateway, or for facilities hire, tasks will need to be added to the list.


Half Term


Weekly tasks


·             Load Year 7 Prospectus, Determined Admission Arrangements, and Application Forms.

·             Load Sixth Form Prospectus, Determined Admission Arrangements, and Application Forms.


·         Review Calendar


·         Load Parents’ Newsletter


·         Change Front Page News


·         Check blogs are being written


·         Check staff vacancies are up-to-date


·         Load photographs of the week’s events



·             Ensure Extended Curriculum Events page is correct.

·             Load Appeals Arrangements and Appeals Form.



·             Load Year 9 Options Booklet.



·             Ensure Sponsors page is correct.

·             Load photographs of school drama show.



·             Ask all Faculties, Librarian, Head of Sixth Form, Transition Manager, SENCo, etc, to review their pages.

·             Ask senior leadership to review school schedule pages (school day, school year, uniform, etc).

·             Load corrected pages.



·             Load Calendar for next year.